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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal is the procedure to get rid of pain in teeth and its main aim is to save the teeth of the patient. The situation of Root Canal occurs when the situation of infection or inflammation occurs in the roots of the tooth of the patient.

We at The Dental Studio have a team of endodontist specialists who have experience of many years and they have a talent to solve the dental problem of the patient successfully. We will take care of your teeth by following the procedure of root canal carefully so that our patients may not feel uncomfortable or nervous.

The treatment of Root Canal is as follows-

- Firstly, dentists remove the pulp inside the tooth.

- Secondly, they clean and sterilize the teeth properly.

- Thirdly, they shape the root canals.

- Fourthly, dentists place a filling to seal the space so as to prevent bacteria from entering.

We at The Dental Studio follow the unique and strict recruitment process so as to select the experienced staff and provide a quality service to our patients.

The advantages of saving the natural tooth with root canal process are-

  • Root Canal helps in proper chewing and it provides proper assistance to the patient.
  • A patient can bite the food normally.
  • It helps in maintaining natural appearance of the person.
  • The main task of Root Canal is to protect other teeth from excessive wear or pressure.

What is the need of Root Canal?

Root Canal is needed when an individual feels a pain in tooth or if the patient is having a feeling of sensation of hot or cold in tooth. This pain if not taken care of at time than it may also reach to head which may cause the problem of headache. In this case, the person has to run to the dentist for check-up.

Sometimes a swelling in cheek, jaw or throat may lead to the problem of Root Canal. Even gum disease can lead to teeth pain which gives rise to the process of Root Canal.

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