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Wedding Smile Makeover

When it comes to planning a wedding, brides have a lot to think about. Unfortunately, the thought that their smile may not live up to their own expectations at the big day doesn’t occur to them, until it’s too late. Wouldn’t you want the smile that will be captured forever in your wedding photos to be as bright and beautiful as the rest of you? If you are concerned about these things, stop worrying, our dentists will help you achieve the smile you want.

What treatments will be included in my wedding smile makeover?

The treatments that will be included in your wedding smile makeover will vary widely depending on your own preferences and the dental issues you’re experiencing. A few examples of treatments that may be included in your makeover include:

• Invisalign
• Veneers
• Dental crowns
• Dental implants
• Tooth shaping

Your wedding smile makeover will begin with a consultation with one of our professional cosmetic dentists. They will go over every step of the plan with you, explaining the treatments and procedures that can best be used to give you the ideal smile you’re looking for. You will also be allowed to see a preview of what your smile may look like after your makeover is complete.

How soon should I plan my smile makeover?
It is best to plan your wedding smile makeover well in advance of your wedding day. Your teeth and gums will take some time to recover from any treatments, and you don’t want to be sore from last minute procedures on your wedding day. If you have dental issues such as poor tooth alignment or improperly spaced teeth, these should be treated well in advance of your big day. Less involved procedures such as teeth whitening or dental veneers can be finished closer to your wedding date. If you have set a date for your wedding, you’ll want to schedule your consultation as soon as possible so that your plan can be developed as quickly as possible in order to ensure your smile is perfect for your big day.

Is a wedding smile makeover really a good option for me?
You’ve dreamed of your wedding day from the time you were a little girl. If you’re like many other women, you probably looked at wedding dresses long before you became engaged, maybe even before you met your fiancé! Your smile is an important part of how you’ll look on one of the biggest and most important days of your life. If you’ve already put so much effort into choosing the dress and planning your location, don’t you think how you smile is just as important? The cosmetic procedures involved in a wedding smile makeover are usually quick and affordable, making them ideal for brides on a set schedule and budget.

We look forward to making sure you have your ideal smile on your big day.

Depigmentation and Gummy Smile Treatment:
Black and brown pigments are present on the gums. Some have them in deeper concentration, giving the gums a darker appearance. Such pigments are removed to produce natural and pink and aesthetically pleasing gum tissue.

A gummy smile is a highly subjective diagnosis that shows tremendous variability over dental and non-dental populations. When patients identify gingival display as an area of concern, a restorative dentist has to be able to determine the aetiology prior to investigating treatment options.

Traditional Methods for Treating a Gummy Smile:
• Orthodontics
• Periodontal Surgery
• Orthognathic Surgery
• Botox
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